Howard Lake

Howard Lake has a large Forest Service campsite, complete with boat launch and picnic site. Although the campsite is RV accessible the road is steep and can sometimes be rough; batten down all of your RV cupboard doors. It is single vehicle most of the way so be prepared to back up to allow others to get by.  It is about 12 km from where we live.  Also important to note, there is a 10hp maximum for motors on this lake.

This small tranquil lake, approximately 412 acres, offers a scenic view of sloping hillsides with lots of wildlife and trails. It is a very popular campsite; we counted 30 RV’s and tents scattered about the last time we were up there.

Rainbow Trout are stocked and there are rainbow up to five pounds and more. Fly fishing seems to get excellent results but other methods work well also.  We simply troll along the shoreline weeds with success.

Kayak-fishing has not been successful for me on this lake; the water gets warm mid-summer and the fish go deep.  But it does have sheltered areas for quiet serene kayaking fun.


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