It’s time to check that old resolutions list

Last New Year’s Day I made my choices for resolutions as part of my Project 365 for 2012.  These were my choices:

  1. Educate yourself on environmental issues.
  2. Walk or ride your bicycle to places that are within two miles.
  3. Do not purchase paper napkins, towels, and plates.
  4. Use reusable cloth bags as gift bags at Christmas and all year.
  5. Grow your own produce in your own garden, on a deck or balcony
  6. Refuse to use pesticides or herbicides and encourage your neighbour to also.
  7. Compost kitchen waste either using garden composting or vermin-composting.
  8. Use the library, instead of buying books, as much as possible.
  9. Always use cloth or other reusable bags for shopping etc.
  10. Meditate once a week on how you can reduce your consumption, and act on this.
  11. Be more aware of consumer habits and choices.
  12. Carry positive, loving and caring thoughts with you every day this year.
  13. Open your mind to secular ethics as a way to world peace.
  14. Read the book Beyond Religion by the Dalai Lama this year.
  15. Read the book Living Green: The Missing Manual this year.
  16. Celebrate nature in some way every day of this year.

So, how did I do so far?  Am I falling short on any?  Do I have time to catch up?  Well so far I have not read that book “Living Green: the Missing Manual, but for a good reason.  It is not in our local library system and #8 is Use the library instead of buying books.  I have managed to get my hands on a number of green living type books to make up the difference though.  My weekly meditation has slipped under the bus over the past months so I have not come up with many new ideas lately.  I don’t do the shopping…frankly I hate shopping…so for #11 I have made it my goal to keep my hubby more aware of his consumer habits and choices.  He agrees that it is an important thing to do and tries hard too.  The rest of my resolutions have been relatively easy to accomplish once I made them the priority for 2012.

How has your 2012 shaped up?  Has it gone according to your deliberate resolution choices?  It’s not to late, you know!

Today’s “stone” is Day 310  a look back, a look forward, at peace


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