Canim Lake

Canim Lake is a very large, deep water lake and is just a 5 km drive from our home to the public boat launch. There are several species of fish in these waters including Kokanee, Rainbow Trout and some giant Lake Trout.

This lake has been stocked in the past, both with Rainbow Trout and Kokanee but the stocking program for this lake ended in 1998.  According to local reports, however, it has been self-sustaining since then.

As with most of the lakes in this area, the peak summer heat causes the lake to heat up and the fish to go deep to the cooler depths. In the late evening and early morning, when the surface water has cooled there are still rainbow to be caught though.  Because of its size and resultant cooler water the fish caught here do not take on too much of a muddy taste in summer.

We have not caught any Kokanee in this lake so far but have had luck with Rainbow Trout.  We leave the deep Lake Trout fishing to those who have down riggers, preferring ourselves to troll at 20 to 30 foot depths.

Fly fishing is not something that I have tried yet but it is a popular choice on this lake too.  It is too large a lake for me to bother kayak-fishing; the wind can kick up quickly and create way too much work.  We have kayaked across and along the shoreline for quite a ways but couldn’t begin to dream of ever making a trip of the entire length…it is a huge one.

Some of the locals do ice-fish on this lake but personally I have observed it to be unpredictable in its freezing.  Some winters there has been no ice at the northern end as it is always kicking up with big winds; sometimes the south end looks well iced over but…hmmm.



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