Hundreds of lakes all around us

In this northern area of British Columbia, Canada where we live there are literally hundreds of lakes all around us.  It is a very simple task to set out in almost any direction that there is a road to discover a lake that contains adequate fish for an enjoyable few hours of fishing at any time of the year.

In the summer, we troll along the lake with our little 13 foot aluminium boat using the gas powered outboard motor or the light weight stealth mode electric motor depending on the lake restrictions.   Once in a while I paddle the lake in my kayak, trolling with a smaller rod as I go…with great success.  I love the freedom and closeness to nature that kayaking allows me to experience.  Even in rough water I love to bob up and down over the water like a little ducky.

I have as yet to keep records of the quantity and size of fish caught but once the ice is on our favourite lake I shall.  Have I learned how to embellish (lie) like a fisherman yet?  Not yet, but perhaps that comes with seasoning experience…perhaps the fish will indeed get bigger and bigger with each telling of the tale.

I think that until we get some real time fishing on the go, a review of the lakes in our area will keep me from the madness that is between season blues.  First a quick listing of some of the lakes to be eventually followed by a bit of info about each and some photos just for fun.

  • Canim Lake
  • Ruth Lake
  • Hawkins Lake
  • Succour Lake
  • Boomerang Lake
  • Paddy Lake
  • Bobbs Lake
  • Howard Lake
  • Deka Lake
  • Sulphurous Lake
  • Greenlee Lake

See you soon as I help you get to know our favourite lakes.  The website gofishbc is excellent at depicting just how many lakes there are in our area.


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