Stop The Canada-China Trade Pact

Another petition to sign on that defective deal Harper has cooked up with China:

Prime Minister Harper doesn’t want you know how about his trade deal with China that gives Chinese companies the power to challenge Canadian laws.

  Canada’s Environment Won’t Be Sold Out for Chinese Profits



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Dear Eldy,

Let’s cut to the chase: Prime Minister Harper is selling out the Canadian environment to China. Think that sounds hyperbolic? Look at the details in the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA) and see the amazing rights and power this trade agreement gives Chinese companies.

The agreement would give foreign companies the right to challenge Canadian environmental law and sue all levels of the government in secret tribunals — not something reasonable Canadians would be OK with. That’s why Harper is keeping the deal hush-hush without a vote from Parliament. No votes. No debates. No committees. No democracy.

If we do nothing, Harper will get his wish to have the agreement automatically sneak through Parliament NEXT WEEK. We need to speak out today to stop the deal in its tracks.

Expose Harper’s sneaky plan to sell out Canada for Chinese profits and tell him you will not tolerate a trade agreement that gives Chinese companies more power than the Canadian government.

  Thank you for taking action,

Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

  • Target: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
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Stephen Harper signed a trade agreement with China (FIPA — the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement) that will allow Chinese corporations to take over Canadian resources AND sue all levels of Canadian government behind closed doors in secret tribunals. Even worse, the China-Canada investor deal is being finalized without a vote from Parliament, even though the agreement gives foreign corporations the power to challenge environmental law. Does this sound democratic to you? Does this sound like a government that has Canadian citizens’ best interests at heart?

Most Canadians don’t even know about FIPA, and certainly don’t know how this deal will impact them. That’s the way Harper wants to keep it. His plan is to have this deal sneak through Parliament automatically on October 30th. No votes, no debates, no committees.

We have less than two weeks to send as many signatures as possible to him, letting him know that Canada won’t be sold off and that we vehemently disagree with letting Chinese corporations have more power than our own government in our own country.

The China-Canada FIPA will leave Canada’s environment vulnerable to corporate corruption in an unfair prioritization of profit over sustainability. We have one chance to make our voices heard — let’s make it count!

Today’s “stone” is Day 301  I signed, I cared, I shared


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