Statement: Canada-China Investment Agreement

This is an update from Elizabeth May the leader of the Green Party of Canada:

House of Commons
October 24, 2012

Mr. Speaker, here is your 60 second briefing on the Canada-China investment treaty, the most significant treaty of its kind since NAFTA.

I requested a technical briefing from the Minister of International Trade on September 27. I got it one hour ago, so I can update folks.

It confirms that Chinese state-owned enterprises would have the right to complain and charge for damages for decisions in Canada by municipal, provincial, territorial or federal governments. It confirms this treaty will apply till 2027 for a minimum, and potentially till 2042, and China can complain of anything it feels is arbitrary.

It will be of greater benefit to Chinese investors in Canada than to Canadian investors in China.

No province has been asked if it approved of this agreement.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister asked that members of this place should acquaint themselves with the treaty. I have. It threatens our security, or sovereignty and our democracy. Yet this 60 seconds will be the only briefing this House gets.

Although I did not receive the letter writing alert from the Green Party here is the link to the write to the International Trade Committee again…take a minute to care, to write or to share.  The alarm bells are going off everywhere.

Today’s “stone” is Day 300  shocking lack of democratic process…again, sure glad I voiced my opinion yesterday


3 thoughts

  1. eldy, I sense you are so strong in your opposition to this terrible treaty — China is slowly, and quickly, taking over the world. At least, we have a similar problem in the states, and the conservative nominee for president has been doing business with China for a long time. He thinks they are great!

    • I think a deal that ties the hands of one nation at their expense, giving another nation carte-blanche to abuse the environment (or else!), is a dangerous deal. There should be debate, examination and democratic process to fix the lop-sidedness prior to implementation.

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