Biointensive sustainable gardening stinks…today

We had a wonderful yield of fresh vegetables to harvest and enjoy this fall…our first with the new raised bed garden set-up.  We dubbed this year’s garden as experimental right away.  We were unsure of which vegetables would give not only the most enjoyment but also the largest yield per the time and effort that went into the growing season.  We had gotten a late start with the planting due to the building of raised beds and waiting for the topsoil to become available.  However I was determined to go natural in terms of soil enrichment so there really was no time to create the necessary compost to fertilize the soil with.  Our yields were small but we were able to decide on what will work best for next year anyway.

I have a great compost on the go which should be ready to turn into the soil in the spring.  Now, for the stinky part.  We saved all of our fish guts, head and tails from our ice fishing; submerged under water in a giant drum…fermenting and burbling all summer long to create our own liquid fertilizer.  Today I scooped out bucket after bucket of the incredibly rank and nasty stuff, poured it into furrows in both the greenhouse and the garden beds.  As I filled each furrow I immediately covered it up with soil and there it will sit waiting for spring and the onset of our next growing season.  Why now you ask?  Because omg, OMG, OMG it stinks!!

I had tried some of it around just one plant in the greenhouse during this summer and wow what a difference it made on the size of the tomatoes from that plant.  So I know it works.  But the stench was too much for hot summer days (I nearly trampled Mike trying to get out of the greenhouse when he opened the drum).  The plan is that the nutrients will still be in the soil come spring but the smell should be gone.  Today was quite cold, just barely above freezing but the smell was still gagging and gross.  This is an awesome way to turn something that would just go into the garbage into something useful and beneficial to the earth.  We can tolerate the stench in high hopes of larger and more vegetables.  It is not something that will wash off into the habitat around us and create a risk to the wildlife, streams and lakes.

So it’s official the garden has be put to bed for the winter and now “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.

Today’s “stone” is  Day295    gag, yuk, of course the dogs thought it was wonderful, super long shower



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