Big Oil and Canada’s Harper Government: the craziest year ever

The links in this email from Forest Ethics make for interesting reading:

Hi Eldy,

Let’s face it. Everyone likes to win. But against evil empires like Big Oil and Canada’s Harper Government, that’s a tall order.

Read our story—yours and mine—of the craziest year ever at ForestEthics. Big Oil and Timber tried to pull the plug on our funding. Canada’s federal government tried to shake us down. Tried but didn’t succeed.

We’re not ones to shy away from the impossible because we know who’s got our back: a heroic team of more than 125,000 people supporting our work. Thank you.

Take pride in our incredible story, and know that ForestEthics can’t win without you. As we face tougher challanges, we need you now more than ever to help battle Goliath.

And we could certainly use a little help from your friends.

Share our success and invite your friends to join our winning team.

Stay tuned… more good things to come.


Kristi Chester Vance
Deputy Director, ForestEthics

P.S. Have you seen our new blog “The Root Word“? For the latest news and inside stories on ForestEthics and our campaigns, read, comment, share, repeat. Conversation awaits.


Today’s “stone” is Day 294  and I did just that: read, comment, share, and repeat



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