Canada: Stop Procrastinating On Wildlife Protections

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Canada’s animal protection laws have been in place since 2002.
So why haven’t endangered species gotten the help they need?

  Canada: Stop Procrastinating On Wildlife Protections 


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Dear Eldy,

Endangered owls, caribou, and salmon don’t care about a piece of paper. And that’s all the Species at Risk Act is: effective species protection…on paper. The Canadian government did a brilliant job authoring species protections. Now it’s time for Canada to abide by its own federal law!

Tell Canada to stop snubbing species protections!

Delaying species recovery plans is costing many animals their lives. On top of this, instead of making good on the Species at Risk Act’s objectives, Canada is thinking about taking the easy way out by cutting endangered species protections. The Species at Risk Act was passed in 2002–leaving plenty of time for Canada to come to the rescue of the animals being phased out of theirnatural habitats.

Threatened species have the opportunity to be protected from poachers and habitat destruction. All it takes is monitoring how governments and individuals use the land animals rely on. Human activity is driving animals away at an alarming rate–and every year Canada’s list of endangered species grows. Protect Canada’s plummeting species populations before endangerment turns into extinction.

Tell the Canadian government to save struggling species by honoring the Species at Risk Act.

  Thank you for taking action, Kara
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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3 thoughts

  1. In your country, with the stunning wildlife I’ve seen pictured, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to protect them. Just like in the U.S., we have people who don’t want to do anything to help poor, disabled, and elderly “slackers;” rather they dismiss us as completely irrelevant to American Government. Growl!!!!!

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