Tell Enbridge to come clean

Here is an email I just received from Forest Ethics to share with all of you:

Dear Eldy,

Enbridge’s spin machine is at it again. This time they’re telling tall tales about their clean-up efforts in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It’s time to demand that Enbridge come clean.

On October 3, Enbridge held their “Investor Days” where they went all out to spin their Kalamazoo River clean-up efforts. They provided anonymous quotes from locals claiming that the Kalamazoo River is “cleaner now than it was before” the company’s devastating 3-million-litre tar sands disaster in 20101.

Looks like someone’s nose is growing. And this time, it’s not Pinocchio. Let Enbridge’s CEO Al Monaco know that greenwashing doesn’t clean up oil spills. The grim reality is that the Kalamazoo River is still oily.

As Enbridge was making its presentation, the US Environmental Protection Agency sent out a press release warning Enbridge of an “oily sheen” from submerged oil, ordering additional clean-up in three different sections of the river2. Sound clean to you?

If eating oily tar sands fish sounds like a bad idea, tell Enbridge to come clean about the state of Kalamazoo. Once we’ve collected 10,000 comments, we’ll hand-deliver your messages to Enbridge’s Headquarters in Calgary. In the meantime, your comments will make CEO Al Monaco’s nose grow… and grow… and grow.


Nikki Skuce

Senior Energy Campaigner, ForestEthics Advocacy

This is the pre-drafted letter that I signed at the Forest Ethics site:

Dear Enbridge CEO Al Monaco,

An Oct. 3rd presentation to Enbridge investors includes quotes suggesting the Kalamazoo River is “cleaner now than it was before [the 2010 Enbridge oil spill]”. The same day, the EPA sent a letter alerting Enbridge of a persistent “oily sheen” on the river resulting from submerged oil and ordering further clean-up.

Distorting the facts and misleading investors in not an acceptable oil spill response strategy. It’s clear that Enbridge cannot be trusted to build or operate pipelines through British Columbia’s most sensitive wild salmon watersheds.

We demand that Enbridge live up to its values ( of Integrity, Safety, and Supporting communities and the Environment, and immediately take accountability for its greenwashing to investors and the public.


Today’s “stone” is   Day 285  Oh no it isn’t cleaner, don’t let this happen to Canada


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