A day with “the golden girls”

“Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Every once in a while I am required to spend an entire day or two in the dog grooming shop essentially baby sitting special needs dogs.  Such is the case today and it is an emotionally rewarding experience for all concerned.

The “golden girls” are three senior dogs that are the absolute love of someone’s life.  Their human had to drive into Vancouver to get an elderly relative to the airport.  She had, in all the years with this trio, never left them behind and she was close to tears as she headed out the door.

Two of the dogs are 10 years old and the other one is 13; this is an amazing age for large dogs ( 2 Lab crosses and a Husky cross).  They have good weight, clear eyes and good mobility considering their advanced years.  They, too, are missing their life long companion.

So here I am installed at my grooming table with my laptop and my art supplies spread out….just being there for them.  The first few hours that they were here were filled with anxious whines and constant trips down to the gate.  Now at last they feel reassured enough to sack out on the floor about my feet…a furry carpet of dogs, snoring contentedly.

This is indeed one of the perks of boarding dogs…a day I can devote entirely to art without thinking about what else I have to get done.  They need company and that is that.  I love it!

Today’s “stone” is  Day 262  dogs, art, love, the good life



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