“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.”


This summer has been ideally hot and sunny for sustainable gardening, composting and saving energy.

I love the scent of clothes dried on the clothesline; because of that and other careful electricity saving measures our hydro bill is 21% less from last year so far.  Wow!

My post-a-day plans have turned intermittant…but oh the garden…the garden.  There are daily pickings, weeding and general oohing and aahing taking up most of my time.  The food dehydrater is getting a good workout and the house is a cornucopia of vegetable delights.

Today I took a bug’s eye view of my lovely lush garden greenery to share.  I stuffed my camera into odd spots to get a different perspective that is lush and green and like another world all together.  I hope you enjoy the visual feast!


Today’s “stone” is Day 250  oooooh, aaaaah,yuuummm


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