Share Your World


“Share Your World” is a way to get to know each other that Cee has going on her blog. She posts weekly questions for all who wish to participate. This week’s questions and my responses are:

  1. Do you believe in the afterlife?  Reincarnation?  I believe that we are here…a bundle of light and energy, with a single shot at life as we perceive it to be.  Element by element we then return to the earth, break down and become a part of it.  How these elements re-emerge into any living form is totally random and that is the beauty of it all.
  2. For your computer Mac or Windows-based computer?  Desktop, laptop or other?  My first computer was a Mac oh so many decades ago and I loved it.  Currently I use a Windows-based laptop which is convenient in many ways but frustrating after the ease of use that Mac offers.
  3. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?  This is a tough one.  I think that a weekend at a live equestrian jumping competition at Spruce Meadows would be great to see in person.  I can envision myself enthralled by the sights, sounds and aromas there.  Oh yeah, the horses grunting and huffing with each leap, the squeak and rustle of tack, and the delightful scent of the stable wafting through the stands…that is it for me.
  4. What are you reading fiction or non-fiction or studying and would you recommend it?  I have just finished reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz which a non-fiction, personal growth type of genre.  It is an interesting read some of which provided me with gems of wisdom for daily life.

Today’s “stone” is Day 246  sharing, seeing myself around horses again, senses keen



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