Chocolate: comfort food

“You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy.”

 -Eric Hoffer-

I love chocolate…I have always loved chocolate…I cannot imagine a time when I will not love chocolate.  It soothes the rough edges of a stressful day.  The combination of sugar and caffeine give me a boost and the flavour is a wonderful taste sensation to sink into.  For me the ultimate comfort food has always been chocolate.

Back in the day when stress was, for me, was spelled with a capital S, sitting back with a cup of coffee and a Mars bar really did the trick…and then I could continue on.  However, I have no “good sense” when it comes to chocolate.  If it is in the house…it must be eaten…every last bit…at once!  The form of chocolate does not matter.  All manner of chocolate…ice cream, cake, cookies, you name what you want if it is chocolate…I love it.

I can recall raiding the baking cupboard as a child…scaling to the topmost shelves to seek out my mother’s cache of baking chocolate and chocolate chips …even the bittersweet stuff.   But back then I had some odd proclivities that pacified my troubled self.  I also used to scale the hall linen closet to the highest shelf to swig from the cough medicine, “Masons 49”, which I have since learned was likely alcohol laden.  Picture if you will a 9 or 10 year old clinging like a monkey to the door jamb some 5 feet off the floor, swilling that zesty brew.  I suppose that was a comfort food of sorts too.  Just the thrill and joy of chocolate remains with me though.

The only way around this obsession with chocolate as a comfort food is to not buy it.  The temptation is huge…it is everywhere but if I don’t buy it, I actually don’t wish that I had.   But if I do buy it, and it is in the house there is nothing that can stop me except eating every last crumb of it.  Chocolate is right up there with the Seven Wonders of the World…for me.

Do I have a treasure trove of recipes for delightful treats made with chocolate?  No I do not; it never lasts long enough in this house to get used in a recipe.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 223 comfort food, chocolate, obsession


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