The Internet, Email and other maddening things

“Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

Whatever did we all do for communication before cell phones, internet and email took over?  I can recall a time of far greater peace and quiet without cell phones jingling, jangling and humming in almost everyone’s pocket.  It was possible to have a meal in peace, a day off uninterrupted and how about not hearing one half of someone else’s phone conversation while quietly perusing magazines in the grocery check-out line.  Cell phones to me are an invasion of privacy, piercing the solitude of a quiet stroll and yet I do have one.  The nice thing about where we live, though, is that there is no cell phone service until you drive about 25 minutes towards civilization.  I feel no pressure to have the cell phone along or even turned on if I do have it along.  I consider it to be an emergency device although I suppose if the car broke down in a cell “dead” area it would not be of much use.  My daughter-in-law was able to enjoy a real vacation weekend last summer as a result of our remoteness.  She has one of those careers that follow you home and everywhere with calls and texts.  I am sure it felt great to be able to tell her boss that there was no cell service available and that she would not be able to answer any calls or texts for the duration.

Now, the internet is a whole other story.  I enjoy the way the internet provides interesting ways of reaching out to others.  I use it to search for knowledge, to shop, to learn about other people’s interests and to express myself…hence this and my other blogs.  The first time I ventured into the world of internet usage was a bit scary and gruelingly slow.  I had an old Mac that could barely handle one site per session without crashing.  I used to read a book while waiting for a site to appear on the screen…yes…it took that long.  Since then my computer has been upgraded to keep up with technology but alas way out here it is still “dial-up” internet connection.  It is slow…not even high speed dial-up but I have come to terms with that.  Patience has been developed where others feel that a 2 second delay is unbearable…it can be slower than that some days…way slower.  Without my internet connection I would not be lost but I would most likely feel unexpressed creatively.  I have used art sites to develop my drawing skills and to see how other artists express themselves.  Blogging has brought out the sharing of experience and a willingness to write more thoughtfully.  I know I would miss it if for some reason it was no longer available.

Right now I am having email issues.  I am not sure why but my email account appears to be frozen.  I can log in and log out but I cannot open to read any of the emails.  I have sent an inquiry to Hotmail for help but have not heard back yet.  Have I been hacked!?  I feel adrift, you know…up the technological creek without a virtual paddle.  Do I rely on email for life and death communication?  No, not at all; it is a source of entertainment more than anything.  What I don’t like about the situation is the “not knowing what to do” part.

Today’s “stone” is Day 222   lost in space, email-less, wondering what to do


3 thoughts

  1. So far I can get the email to work using Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome. But this Word Press blog only works properly using Google Chrome. So I just have to juggle a bit.

  2. have you thought of opening a gmail account?? … easy and no spam, i love it … as far as cell phones go, or mobile phones as they are called here, we have no reception either, which upsets some visitors, but others just relax and enjoy being out of touch …. although they can access our wi-fi and be online in seconds if they want to … an amazing world of communications … and i am glad i have no mobile phone although others think i am a communications dinosaur!

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