Williams Lake trip

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.:

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

We went to have an eye examination a week and a half ago so today we made another trip into Williams Lake to pick up our new glasses.  Last time Mike had the drops put in his eyes so I had to drive home.  It was my turn this time.  My goodness it is certainly an annoying thing when ones eyes are dilated and the sun is shining brightly.  I should have worn a hat with a big brim too instead of just sunglasses.  I usually enjoy gawking around at the scenery, on the look out for wildlife and I in fact did on the way there.  But coming home I felt like I wanted to crawl underground to escape the brightness of the day.

The highlight of the trip was a beautiful bald eagle perched atop a fence post…just gazing around.  How interesting that it was sitting so close to ground level; I could see it so clearly although briefly as we drove past.   Lac La Hache Lake was dazzling green in today’s bright sunshine; the highway travels almost the entire length of that lake.  The shoreline and highway are both dotted with resorts, motels and park-like cottage properties for miles.  There is even a Provincial Park across the highway from the lake.

Sadly, what one can see of Williams Lake, “the lake”, is marred by industry, logging and pulp mill smog.  There may be other less ugly sites on the other side from the city of Williams Lake but I have never ventured there.  When we first started to look for property upcountry our real estate agent showed us a place close to Lac La Hache but there was no way I wanted to live along such a busy highway.

Did I accomplish much today…not really…but I did enjoy the ride.

Today’s “stone” is Day 221  bright oh so bright


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