Save Fish Lake

Here is an action alert share that I just received by email from the Wilderness Committee:

New Report: Save Fish Lake!


Hi Eldy

PicBritish Columbia’s Chilcotin Plateau—an amazing wild region in the traditional territory of the Tsilhqot’in Nation—is known for its abundant, fish-filled lakes and waterways. But right now, this area is under threat from a major industrial development!

In 2010, the federal Environmental Assessment Agency turned down a proposal from Vancouver-based Taseko Mines Limited for a massive open-pit gold and copper mine right next to Fish Lake, in the heart of Tsilhqot’in territory. The panel reviewing the proposal, called the Prosperity Mine, decided the environmental risks and the impacts on First Nations were simply too great to proceed. But soon after the review, Taseko returned with a revised proposal and was granted a second environmental assessment for the New Prosperity Mine.

Despite the company’s assurances, we say the New Prosperity mine proposal is at least as environmentally risky as the original Prosperity proposal. This project needs to be turned down, once and for all. That’s why we’ve produced a new report to inform readers about the history and potential impacts of the New Prosperity Mine. 

The report, entitled Save Fish Lake, outlines some of the key issues associated with the proposal, giving readers a sense of both the ecological and spiritual importance of the region. The Tsilhqot’in have been fighting for years to protect their territory from this mining development, and citizens from across BC and beyond are increasingly standing up to support their efforts and say “No” to this destructive proposal.

To help stop this proposed development, I’m asking you to read this report and join the fight to save Fish Lake. 

Check out the letter-writing tool on our website and write to Environment Minister Peter Kent, urging him to put an end to the New Prosperity Mine proposal. If you’d like to contribute to the campaign, you can also click here to make a donation. 

Lastly, if you can help distribute more of these reports to friends, family, local offices and businesses, that would be a huge help. Please call us at (604) 683-8220 if you’re interested in helping out, and let us know how many reports you need.  

This is a fight we need to win. Together we can save Fish Lake…again!

Thank you,

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee”

This one is closer to home than many others and of equal importance in terms of protecting our environment.  If it was not a good idea the first time around…it is still not a good one now!

Today’s “stone”  is Day 215  save the lake, save the fish, save the world


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