Nature’s Craft Store

 “Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.”

 -Lao Tzu-

Today we sent “shopping “at the nature store that is all around us.  About 10 km from our place is the road to Paddy Lake and along this particular road are the remains of an old logging site.  This is where we did our crafting material “shopping”.  Mike makes these delightful birdhouses out of old barn wood and natural material that we find just about anywhere around where we live.

Today’s shopping list included some trees that had been felled and left for whatever reason.  Mike cuts these up in slices that form the base of the birdhouse.  Also found today included interesting looking tree roots and random branches and twigs to attach to the birdhouses.

My job was to keep an eye out for bears and other potential dangers.  Naturally I brought along my camera to record the outing for posterity and my own delight for that matter.  The morning was wonderfully warm and sunny, the air humid and buzzing with bees and other flying insects.  At one point I simply could not resist raising my arms up to the sun, as a tree or the rest of the abundant flora.  I felt at one with the wilderness.  There were no bears, deer or other creatures detected although to be honest…why would they come near with Mike’s chain saw ripping through the age old deadfall.

It is amazing to see the abundance of growing brush that is covering the scars of previous logging; however I know that it will take decades for this portion of the forest to return to its former self.  From the abandoned tree trunks it is not hard to imagine the immenseness of the trees that were logged out.  We must have at least 20 years left in our lives…perhaps…so it is my hope to continue to return to this area, witness its re-growth and celebrate its complete recovery.

Today’s “stone” is Day 213  nature’s craft store, forest in recovery, at peace


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