Summer Joy: a garden update

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
-Albert Einstein-

Oh, how much my garden does grow!!  Now that the summer days are long, sunny and hot the garden is shooting up like crazy.  So are the weeds in to a certain degree.  The way I planted everything very close together to maximize yield is also good for keeping the weeds down.  The thick canopy of  vegetables does a good job of limiting the amount of weeds that grow.  I also tried out the idea of laying down straw in the walk-ways between the beds.  This was supposed to have a similar effect of limiting weed growth.  Well, what I have now is wheat growing in my paths.  Perhaps it had to be thicker…next year thicker straw will go on the paths.

I knew that this year would be an experiment with what works here and what does not.  I have learned that it is really daft to plant three different types of peas side by side.  Half the time when picking I can’t tell which ones are the edible pod ones and which are not.  Also, the supports for the peas must be put in place right after planting so that as they grow the clingy vines latch onto the strings.  We only did one section with supports right away and waited too long to get the others set up.  The result was pea plants flopping this way and that with no support working and it is very difficult to pick peas without damaging the plants as I go.

Everything else is growing as it should although the spinach and radishes have gone woody due to the heat.  I am unsure about what is going on underground with the potatoes but the tops look healthy as do the beets and turnips.  We had a few baby green beans in our salad yesterday and will soon be enjoying a bounty of them too.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are just plain wild.  I go in there every three days or so and hack them back from growing over the center aisle.  Yesterday I climbed amongst them and cut the tops off which had begun to touch the roof.  There are plenty of blossoms and a number of green tomatoes already there.  I stop at the doorway often in passing and tell them to stop growing and make fruit instead but to no avail.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 212  greening, growing, picking, eating,yum


8 thoughts

  1. it looks fantastic! we are picking masses from our winter garden too, but will be late with summer planting this year …. although some things will continue through 🙂

    • I can’t remember a year where the tomatoes have grown so vigorously as this year. So far we’ve only had about 10 ripe cherry tomatoes though…but so yummy.

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