Great Bear Rainforest petition to Take it Taller

Here is an email alert that I received from Forest Ethics:
Dear Eldy,

We did it! We have passed our goal of 10,000 people taking it taller for the Great Bear Rainforest. Over ten thousand people have now signed the petition asking the BC government to finish what it started six years ago by completing the conservation agreements. The agreements commit to healthy ecosytems and healthy communities across the region. 
We will be taking this message and a big copy of the petition to the legislature in Victoria. That way, the BC government will see how much people love this precious region.
And, we have a new goal! To grow larger, louder and stronger. Let’s get to 15,000! With your help, we can do it. Send this email to everyone you know to take action HERE.
We are also really pleased to announce the winner of the Great Bear’s Got Talent contest. There were many strong entries – from poems, to songs, to sculptures – but with the help of famed Canadian artist Robert Bateman, we were able to narrow it down to one.
Congratulations to Laura Wasylyshen for her artwork entitled “Spirit in the water.”
Laura has won a donated trip for two to the Great Bear Rainforest courtesy of Spirit Bear Lodge valued at $6500! 

Please share this email with a friend and help us save the Great Bear Rainforest.

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Take It Taller 
Click here to sign the petition:

I have already signed this petition some time ago.  I have posted a share on Facebook and encourage all to participate in some way with either signing the petition or sharing the link on Facebook too.

Today’s “stone” is Day 195  share, spread the word, be heard, take it taller too


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