Keyhole Falls Needs Your Help

Today I am sharing an email that I received from Wilderness Committee:

Keyhole Falls Needs Your Help


Hi Eldy

PicJust north of Pemberton there is a natural wonder, Keyhole Falls, which is currently under threat from a private power project.

By taking action today you can help save this beautiful place and help stop the industrialization of BC’s wild streams and rivers. The Upper Lillooet Hydro Project (being built by Innergex and Ledcor) consists of North Creek, Boulder Creek and the Upper Lillooet River. If this industrial proposal is allowed to go forward it will seriously impact the iconic 23-metre Keyhole Falls, as well as salmon in the Upper Lillooet River. This cluster of projects is currently going through its final Environmental Assessment Public Comment period.

There are two things you can do to help protect Keyhole Falls:

  • Write into the Environmental Assessment Office process (you have until July 30, 2012)
  • Come to the Open Houses that are being held from 4:00 – 8:00pm on July 9 in Mount Currie and July 10 in Pemberton

This is an important opportunity for citizens who are concerned about the gold rush that has been triggered by our provincial government’s subsidization of private power projects to voice their opposition to this short-sighted policy. In the last call for power, BC Hydro paid $125 MWh for electricity generated by private power projects – but right now BC Hydro can buy firm electricity for $20 MWh! 

Not only are these industrial projects a financial drain on BC Hydro – ratepayers and BC Hydro are on the hook for $40 billion in energy purchase agreements to private power producers – but these projects also have a significant environmental impact.

River diversion projects come with blasting, penstocks, miles of new roads and transmission lines, no regional planning and are increasingly situated in fish habitat. Watershed Watch found that 72 per cent of river diversion projects are now located in known or suspected fish habitat. The Upper Lillooet proposal will negatively impact coho and Chinook salmon as well as cutthroat and bull trout, as a result of water diversion and fluctuations in water levels.

By writing a comment on this project, or by attending the open house, you will be letting regulators and our elected officials know that the environmental costs of these kinds of projects are too high to bear.

Click here to visit our website and submit your comment to the BC Environmental Assessment Office. 

Comments must be received before the end of the day July 30, 2012. Together we can stop this project!


Gwen Barlee | Policy Director
Wilderness Committee

Today’s “stone”  Day 184  a call to action, voice opposition, exercise rights


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