BC’s protected forests should not be logged!

Here is a new email that I received fro the Wilderness Committee.  This is not good news so I headed right over to the letter writing page to add my voice to the opposition to logging protected forests and shipping of raw logs out of the country.  It is NOT good business; it is NOT good for Canada to strip our natural resource wantonly for the almighty dollar.


BC’s protected forests should not be logged!

Hi Eldy

PicThe BC government has created a Timber Supply Review Committee that is travelling the province gathering ideas about how to best provide logs to BC mills, and how to lessen the impacts on timber industry jobs caused by the loss of timber from the pine beetle infestation of the past decade. The committee is made up of elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). They have requested that people send in their ideas about providing a timber supply for BC’s lumber mills – and we are asking you to write them NOW.

The problem is that the committee is considering some options that would be a disaster for BC’s forests and wildlife. These options are contained in a leaked BC government report dated February 2012, entitled “The BC Mid-Term Timber Supply Report“.

The committee is considering opening up previously protected forests for logging – including forests set aside as viewsheds for the tourism and recreation industries, and forests set aside for endangered wildlife habitat. There is even some suggestion of allowing certain parks, like Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, to be logged!

The fact is that BC’s forests have been over-logged for decades. To allow logging in previously protected forests would be devastating for wildlife and the tourism industry, and it would still not provide anything but a few short-term jobs for the timber industry.

That’s why I am asking you to write a letter now and tell the committee members how strongly you feel that BC’s precious protected forests should remain protected. If BC’s endangered species are to survive, we need more forests protected – not less.

It should be obvious to our government by now that BC needs to lower the pace of logging to a sustainable rate. To help ensure a better timber supply for our lumber mills BC must ban the export of raw logs – which is what we have been demanding for years. The Timber Supply Review Committee’s report to the Legislative Assembly in Victoria is due August 15, 2012. Make sure your comments are part of the public record.

Please click here to go to our letter writing page now!

-Joe Foy | National Campaign Director-
Wilderness Committee

Today’s “stone” is  Day  179   SNAP OUT OF IT CANADA!


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