Share Your World

“Share Your World” is a way to get to know each other that Cee has going on her blog. She posts weekly questions for all who wish to participate. This week’s questions and my responses are:

  1. What sound or sounds do you love?  I love the sound of horse munching on hay; it is very rhythmic and soothing.  The roar of the ocean waves crashing into shore is a close second.   Also, I could sit for hours in the forest awash with the sounds of nature.
  2. If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?  I would be an ancient old growth cedar…under environmental protection of course…in a vast untouched forest.
  3. What is your favorite recipe that was passed down from your mother or grandmother?  Have you mastered it as well as the original?  There are two favourites that I have mastered:  a cabbage roll recipe which is unsurpassed by any others that I have ever tasted and a gravy recipe that is heavenly smooth and delicately flavoured.
  4. What is your favorite genre for novels, and why?  I prefer to read non-fiction as a general rule and find autobiographical works to be most interesting when paired with biographical works on the same person to get a fuller and possibly more factual read.

Today’s “stone”  is Day 175  sharing, sights, sounds, tastes


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