Oceans Update – Summer 2012‏

Today I am sharing an email update that I received from Living Oceans Society…in the wake of Bill-C38 passing.  All we can do to make a difference now is to educate, share, talk about our concerns, continue to voice our opposition and hope that there are, somewhere within the government and the corporate world, some honest, conscientious and careful individuals at work.  There needs to be an strong ethical sense of responsibility at all of the employee, employer, corporate and government levels to ensure the safe handling of our natural resources and environment…more than ever now that the environmental laws and regulations have been gutted.

“Dear friend,

Now that the wraps are off the Harper agenda, Canadian media has stepped up to the job of unwinding the spin to reveal the gritty truth: Budget Bill C-38 is largely bloody-minded payback for every environmental assessment forced upon industry when it might have profited more quickly had we not taken care to protect our natural capital.

The federal government has so thoroughly gutted Canada’s ability to undertake scientific investigation and monitoring that it has sent a clarion call to industry: we won’t know if you mess up, because there’s nobody left to look. And even if someone does look, there is now little law to stop you.

It came as no surprise last month when salmon farmers Marine Harvest pulled out of the Framework for Dialogue, a co-operative research study on sea lice and closed containment that we began with them in 2009. We had hoped to effect real change in salmon farming practices and progress was unquestionably made on that front, but the salmon farmers caught the scent from Ottawa and see no reason to cooperate for the good of wild salmon and the marine environment.

It is unfortunate that we have to return to doing the old way of doing business, as adversaries, prying information out of government and exposing the cover-ups: escapes, disease and sea lice outbreaks, and marine mammal shootings. We would prefer to find a better way to farm salmon through cooperation, but this is what it looks like when government exercises the raw power of a political majority to its fullest extent.

At Living Oceans we have our work cut out for us as never before. Now is the time to stand up for our coast, our oceans and our livelihoods. I want you to know that we greatly appreciate your support as we continue our work for healthy oceans for future generations.

Karen Wristen,
Executive Director”

Today’s “stone” is Day  174  calling all ethical people to the task…where the government has failed


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  1. Oh, eldy — I’m still reeling from the fact that they got that bill through. Soon, we’re going to have to lie in front of bulldozers again. When all the new ecological protections were created, I thought we might finally be done, but, as Robert Langdon said of the church, “They drove the environmentalists, and (many like-minded others,) underground, into a darker and more [powerful] organization.” (http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/angelsanddemons/)

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