Radically Canadian…you betcha

The question is whether we’re going to start taking the steps now to avoid the really big jumps that are in store if we don’t do something now.”

-David Suzuki-

I decided to answer and share this call for donations, something that I do not ordinarily do.  I have a lot of confidence in the David Suzuki Foundation, the values and the manner in which they become involved in the struggle to be heard.  The warnings signs that the earth will not be able to sustain itself at the present voracious rate of consumption are very real and need to be properly acknowledged by the Canadian government.  Canada has found itself in a position of supposed economic boom when many other countries are experiencing devastation on a variety of levels… be it economic, political, riots and upheavals bordering on war.  To be in this position holds great responsibility not the least of which is to think outside the box…beyond oil, tar sands, and pipeline development.  The health of the planet directly affects to lives of every human being on the earth…in fact all life on earth.  The health of the earth should be at the forefront of all development decisions…always.

Dear friends,

I always say, “Make It Right.” This is our chance to do it.

Twenty years after the first UN Earth Summit, worldwide negotiations are failing in Rio, in large part because Canada is blocking progress. It’s time to put politics aside and think about what we want for our country.

The future is bursting with opportunities to protect nature while living well. But we need to make the right choices to create a sustainable future. 

Short-term thinking leads to all kinds of waste and trouble. I see it every day in construction—energy inefficiency, misused resources, and shoddy workmanship.

I have a radical idea. Let’s make Canada a leader in energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, green jobs for young people, and innovation! 

You can help make it happen by joining the David Suzuki Foundation.

Other countries are taking dramatic leaps forward in powering themselves with renewable energy. Last month, Germany reached a tremendous milestone: half of their midday energy needs being met by the sun. It’s inspiring! Renewable energy options exist but decision makers need to know that Canadians like you and me want change.

Peter Robinson

With your help, the independent, science-based perspective of the David Suzuki Foundation can shift the national conversation.

I encourage you to get radically Canadian.By pledging just $5 or $10 a month you can support the Foundation’s research and advocacy for a clean, renewable energy future. Let’s invest in people, skills and technologies to create a prosperous green future.

Mike Holmes

Donate Today

P.S. 703 amazing people have taken a stand for Canada since June 7th! Please add your voice to theirs before the campaign ends on July 1 to get a limited edition “radically Canadian” sticker.

Today’s “stone”  Day 172  for a good cause, share

2 thoughts

  1. This post will do a world of good for Canada — your Canadian readers will become more informed, I bet several of them will act. Bless your hard work, Eldy — I hope you get the world made in the shape you’re asking for.

    • Ah, all I really want is for more people to realize the importance of how interconnected everything is. I will not live to see the full extent of the damage humans are wreaking on the planet.

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