Quest for Ethical Living

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

-Lao Tzu-

Living with compassion, kindness, forgiveness and discernment is an ongoing quest that requires conscientious re-examination from time to time.

For the record, my own life does not contain any specific religious belief or commitment, but, I do have a basic knowledge of Christianity as well as a very rudimentary gist of many of the other religions of the world.  I discovered that I needed to have at least some knowledge of religions, when I signed up for a number of Literature courses at the University of Winnipeg during my twenties.  The interpretation of literature intrinsically requires knowing the subtle and sometimes overt references to religious icons etc.

However, to incorporate and nurture ethical living in harmony with others does not require any vast and diverse religious knowledge, belief or commitment.  It is in fact a way of living which can be practiced independently of any specific religious or cultural perspective.

I have found that making a commitment to developing and applying inner values in my daily life in a conscious manner is beneficial for me as well as everyone that I come into contact with.

I consciously apply restraint from doing actual or potential harm to others by actively applying positive thoughts and behaviour.  I also keep in the forefront of my thoughts to genuinely and selflessly consider the welfare of others.

I find that the key to this conscious practice is to not only speak with consideration and act with consideration but also to think with consideration.  I believe that a consciously positive state of mind determines the status of the entire process of living.

I live as well-intentioned as I can by avoiding excessive use of intoxicants, by living a healthy, honest lifestyle, and maintaining nonviolence in body, speech and mind.  In my daily life I diligently choose to treat myself and others with respect.  I honor those who are worthy of esteem and let them know they are valued members of society.  For those who fall short of this honor I allow the potential for improvement to exist as a possibility.  I respond with kindness to all on a daily basis regardless.  I strive for honesty in all actions and thought.  I believe that dishonesty corrodes and destroys the very fabric of any relationship.

When I experience the first signs of negative thoughts or feelings I choose to question myself on the source with mindfulness.  I gather myself mentally and recall my core values and motivation by bringing presence of mind into everyday activities.  I take the time to assess my own behaviour to see where I might do better with a positive reinforcement.

I am not seeking utopia nor am I a mindless Pollyanna wannabe.  I am seeking a lifestyle in which I feel wrapped in the warmth of knowing that I am emanating positivity, honesty, kindness and compassion; all of these released to embrace the universe, sharing my sense of well-being and inner peace.

Today’s “stone” is Day 167  quest, ethical living, well-being, inner peace, shared



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