Stop the Omnibus Budget Bill

This is from the Black Out to Speak Out:

“Stop the Omnibus Budget Bill: help us trigger a torrent of democracy

On June 4th, you joined tens of thousands of Canadians and over 600 organizations representing millions of others in speaking out against the federal government’s Omnibus Budget Bill, C-38, and its reckless assault on our environmental laws and democratic traditions. [1]

Now we need you to help keep this momentum going.

Canadians from across the spectrum are uniting against the Omnibus Budget Bill as elected officials prepare to vote on it. Current and former Members of Parliament have even been speaking out against the government’s anti-democratic attempt to remake our society with a bill that bundles together changes to no fewer than 70 distinct laws. [2] 

Now, with further disregard for our democratic traditions, the government has again imposed time limitations on debate in the House of Commons in the hope of ramming the Omnibus bill through Parliament in the next few days. 

But thanks to people like you, the groundswell of opposition to the Omnibus Bill will show that Canadians are willing to stand up for the environment and democracy. 

Members of Parliament have not yet voted on whether or not to pass the Omnibus Budget Bill and send it on to the Senate for consideration. 

Do you know how your MP is voting? We encourage you to contact your MP TODAY and let her or him know what you think about the government’s attack on nature and democracy. 

1. Click here to send a message to your MP and all federal party leaders, urging them to stand up for nature and democracy by opposing Bill C-38.

already sent the petition? 

2. Click here to find your MP’s phone number and give your representative a call. Please leave a message if you get an answering service. 

Done both? 

3. Share this message with friends or family members.

Together with thousands of other Canadians, we can trigger a torrent of phone calls, emails and messages that forces this government to recognize its attacks on the environment and democracy will not be tolerated. 

Now’s our moment. Please help raise our collective voices at this critical time by telling your MP to oppose Bill C-38. Thank you. Together, we can protect nature and our democracy. 

[1] See the Black Out Speak Out “Learn More” page for an analysis of our concerns about the environment and democracy in Bill C-38 “

As you can see they are still making the effort right up to the final moments.  I popped into sign and have my say.  The MP for my area is in favor of the bill in question but I have the right to be heard anyway so I had my say.

Today’s “stone”  is Day 165  still in opposition, always pro Mother Nature


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