Snap out of it!

“If only I may grow: firmer, simpler, quieter, warmer.”

-Dag Hammarskjold-

I am feeling a touch introspective today, a state brought on by the impatience I am experiencing with the foibles of internet usage.  Being on dial-up internet has a whole set of annoying delays.  Have I become so short of time and patience that I cannot cope with 2 or 3 second delays that for some inexplicable reason turn into 5 and 10 second delays or heaven forbid 1 full minute delays??

I think I need to give my head a shake when I allow myself to feel annoyed by something so banal.  Perhaps it is a little bit of cabin fever setting in.  It has been raining nonstop since early this morning and I miss my great outdoors.

This tied down feeling reminds me of the transition that I had to undergo when I changed occupations from working outdoors for 10 hours per day on the horse farm to working indoors grooming dogs.  I spent every coffee break and lunch break outside walking around in order to shake off that closed in feeling which was so very uncomfortable.  It took several months to get used to indoor work.

Now I am  used to being out in the yard and forest daily that a pouring down rainy day has left me feeling edgy.  Here’s a thought I should just stick on a rain jacket and get out there anyway.  There is only so many interesting indoor projects for me to get involved with and I need to get moving.  I think a walk in the rain suitably attired may be just what I need to turn this funky mood around.

Today’s “stone” is Day  163  get active, get outdoors, get moving, snap out of it


5 thoughts

  1. I so get cabin fever! It is the reason that we moved from a damp valley to a high desert. Sunshine, give me sunshine. Or at least not day after day of rain and damp. My body and mind do not function well in the gray & damp.

    I do hope you donned that rain coat and took your self for a walk.

    Take care friend~

      • Awesome! I know you felt better, renewed and refreshed. Nothing like a walk in the rain~ I love the colors, rich textures from the glistening rain drops, and the smell. I am so smitten with the smell of rain I wish it could be bottled. But it is a useless dream as it would contain chemical crap (pardon my term) which would no doubt spoil even the enjoyment of the real thing after one whiff. I have learned to be carefu with what I wish for.~

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