Oppose Destruction of Farmland

The following is an email I received from the Wilderness Committee calling for support in a letter writing campaign to save the South Delta farmland.  The Delta is a fertile and productive agricultural area which provides fresh produce to many BC areas.  I believe that destroying our capacity to provide our own food in BC as well as in Canada is short-sighted and harmful to the country as a whole.  Reliance on faraway produce from other countries is, simply put, asking for trouble.  The email reads as a reminder that we all ought to pay attention:

“Paving Delta’s Farmland is Not an Option

Hi Eldy

The farmland in Delta is some of the finest in Canada, is very important wildlife habitat and has been under increasing development pressure as a result of the Gateway Deltaport expansion plans being pushed by Victoria and Ottawa.

We have recently been informed that 220 hectares of prime farmland are under threat. Independent MLA Vicki Huntington has discovered that this farmland currently under Agricultural Land Reserve protection in South Delta is being targeted by land developers.

MLA Huntington is urgently calling on people to register on an on-line petition demanding that the B.C. government protect this South Delta farmland from a plan to pave it for industrial uses. Huntington recently revealed that a development company has secretly optioned the farmland located between Highway 17 and Deltaport Way, with plans to build facilities for Deltaport. An option allows a buyer to reserve the right to purchase a piece of land by a set date for an agreed upon price. Options are often used by developers to tie up the land while they investigate the feasibility of changing the zoning or other aspects of the property. We say these 220 hectares of prime farmland must not be removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve and must NOT be paved over.

Today BC is only capable of putting half the food we eat on our table. We simply cannot afford to lose one square inch more of farmland to short-sighted developments such as the Gateway Deltaport expansion plans. We have provided a letter writing page to make it easy for you to write the BC Minister of Agriculture, the Honorable Don McRae and the Opposition Critic for Agriculture, MLA Lana Popham to ask them to help defend South Delta’s farmland. Please Write Now! Thanks.”

-Joe Foy National Campaign Director-

I went to the letter writing page to forward my opposition to the Honorable Don McRae and the Opposition Critic for Agriculture, MLA Lana Popham.  The letter that I sent follows:

Dear Sir:
The Delta farmland is a very fertile area and represents a critical mass for the agricultural industry in Delta. Not only does this farmland contain finest soil in Canada, it is critical to the ecosystem that supports the Pacific Migratory Bird Flyway. This is a portion of the Agricultural Land Reserve and was never intended to be a land bank for development.

I t has come to my attention that a business consortium led by industrial development companies has secretly optioned to purchase 220 hectares of South Delta farmland, in the Agricultural Land Reserve. This is unacceptable as an option.

BC is currently producing only about half the food we eat, and that we can not afford to lose any more farmland to shortsighted projects like the Gateway Deltaport expansion project. To further exacerbate our reliance on out of country food sources is not only short-sighted, it is an unsound choice to make.

Today’s “stone” is Day 153  oppose destruction, support forward thinking, sound choices


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  1. we are fighting the same battles all over the planet … where do they think food will be grown? all our fertile land here is threatened by coal seam gas mining, or urbanisation which indiscriminately covers the best land in river valleys, …. in our town the most fertile land is now underneath the supermarket which sells commercial rubbish!

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