Running Woman

“Each day is a little life.”


The running/walking interval program is showing even more benefits in my everyday life.  Today I took on the task of lawn mowing for the third time this season.  And, for the third time in a row I noticed that it feels so much easier to do this year since I got into the running for exercise.

Last year I had to break the mowing session down into three segments on order to rest before I could carry on.  The mowed part of our property is not all that big; it is however rough with a fair number of dips,dives and hills.  Much to my delight I can now do the entire yard in one set.  I still get really hot and quite tired from it but I do not have to stop and rest until it is all mowed.  Those little running legs are now up for the task.  I am so pleased.

I am still sticking to the modified schedule:

  • Walk 4 minutes
  • Run 4 minutes
  • Walk 4 minutes
  • Run 4 minutes
  • Walk 4 minutes

It is just right for me.  It gives both my legs and my heart the workout that works.

Today’s “stone” is Day  151   not all legs, but, all ready for living


7 thoughts

  1. Oh, you inspire. I might just get out there and try this with you. I don’t know though. The heat has begun. I just can’t stand being outside. There’s always the gym track…

    • I started out on the treadmill and have not graduated to outdoors running yet. I like the security of side rails for stability. I don’t like to overheat either.

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