The fine art of dropping everything.

“When making your choice in life, do not neglect to live.”

-Samuel Johnson- 

I am pleased to say that we have perfected the fine art of dropping everything and going fishing.  The boarding dogs went home last night, the sun was shining and there were a million little projects and chores to do.   However, keeping true to our commitment to be spontaneous we dropped everything, put the boat in the back of the truck and headed off to the lake.  We chose the same lake that we ice fished the most during the winter.  It is so close to home, just 15 minutes up the mountain road and we were ready to launch.

The beauty and serenity of the lake never ceases to calm me right to the very depth of my being, regardless of the season.  But today, our first day back up there was beyond all expectations.  The fresh greenness of the spring leaves on the deciduous trees, the warmth of the sun and the gentle lapping of the water against the sides of the boat were all but intoxicating.  It did not really matter to me whether any fish were caught; the beauty of the lake, forest and mountains had worked a spell on me.

There were some fish biting, I caught one Rainbow Trout but it was a spawner…to soft and yucky so he went back into to the lake.  The rest of them ( five) got off my hook just barely in sight of the boat, until the last turn around.  We had set a time limit on ourselves of 3 hours and made our final pass along the east side of the lake when at last I managed to get one into the boat.  It was a good-sized Kokanee…tonight’s dinner.

After two solid weeks of grooming dogs every day and having full kennels on the weekends, what a wonderful treat to get out on the water, wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature’s inexplicable beauty.  Life is good.   And, three cheers for spontaneity!  Do something spontaneously good for yourself everyday…it does not have to be a big something…just a little something that gives you a sense of well being and inner peace.  I like that idea.

Today’s “stone”  Day 149  sunshine, fresh air, lake breezes in my hair, ahhhh


9 thoughts

    • Both of us have a strong work ethic so we had to learn how to be spontaneous…so glad we did. It makes the “chores” of life less like drudgery to let them go for a little while.

  1. Thanks for the awesome images, I was there out on the lake in my own boat fishing beside you
    You remind me of what my stepm mom had told me years ago when I was a teen, but it has stuck always. She told me dad wanted to be able to just go fishing when he wanted to go fishing. You’d have to know some history in that my own mom was married to her house not him. So my step mom lovingly would drop what ever it was she was doing and would go with him. This has stuck and has been a vakuable stone of wisdome for my own marriage. 42 years later, so my step mom had some great advice You gently remind me of it. Thank you again!

  2. Good for you! I’m attempting to do this more myself. Not with fishing but to get me off and away from the computer and all things social media. I feel I’ve been sucked in! This post was beautiful and made me feel better. Your posts are my meditation.

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