Wow another Good Day!

“Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

What an awesome day!  I spent it entirely out doors working on my gardening projects.  Got a few transplants done and a few extra bean seeds poked into the beds.  The majority of the day went into that great gaping scar on the lawn that I call a flower bed.  I dug 12 holes in it for the daisies to move into.  Mike dug out the daisies for me and placed them into their new homes.  They were not impressed let me tell you.  It is so hot in the sun today…just 25 degrees on the thermometer but the sun is wicked hot.  We laid a plastic tarp over the entire bed and cut out holes where the daisies sit.  In that short length of time the heat gushing out from under the tarp as we cut the holes was incredible.  Needless to say the daisies are still quite a wilted mess even after 2 hours of dribble watering from the watering set up that Mike made to bring water to each daisy plant.  I know that Shastas are very hardy and will eventually bounce back but they look very sad still.  I only got about 1/2 of the rocks back on top of the tarp and simply had to stop.  The rest will still be there tomorrow…waiting.

I am baked…literally.  There is a suspicious pink glow to my arms that is no doubt a sunburn.  It was so worth the effort though and when the daisies recover and bloom it will be lovely.  I so enjoy the whole physicality of gardening and yard work and will likely sleep like a rock as a result.  That is another bonus to a wholesome physical day.  The dogs love it when we spend a lot of time outside with them too.  Right now we have 3 extra dogs boarding for the weekend.  There are 2 Japanese Mastiffs and 1 Corso all big, big dogs but they get along well with our two  Standard Poodles.  The only issue when doing yard work with a number of dogs is taking the time to assertively point and state “get off”.  They do like to be close and involved.

I hope that every one out there has enjoyed a delightful Saturday too!  All of my boosted energy. inner peace, well being  and good, “good day” feelings are now released out to you all, a tad late in the day but there you go!

Today’s “stone” is Day 147   good day, good feelings, spent, invigorated, exhausted, content


4 thoughts

  1. How lovely to hear about your great day! When the daisies perk back up, please take a picture to show us — I think your flower garden is a terrific idea! Hooray for nice days!!

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