Harper!!! No more smoke and mirrors

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

-Albert Einstein-

Today I am sharing an email that I received calling for signatures on a petition.  It is an important issue that is taking place here in Canada.   Prime Minister Harper is pushing through  huge 425 page Budget Bill that harbours within  changes that will seriously impact due process regarding environmental reviews prior to industrial project approval.  It appears that the NDP party have begun this particular petition which I believe to be a valid cause even though I am not associated with any particular political party.  Upon adding my name to the petition, I simply opted out of receiving political newsletters from the NDP party.

“Dear Eldy,
When he was leader of the Opposition, Stephen Harper said omnibus budget bills were unprincipled. But now, his Conservatives have introduced a 425-page budget bill. 

So, which is it? Speak out on the Conservative budget today. » 

This huge piece of legislation attempts to sneak through countless harmful measures without transparency or accountability.These measures would gut already weak environmental protections, threaten our natural resources, cut public pensions and job standards, reduce accountability and undermine public health care.

Whatever makes you proud to be Canadian, this bill probably attacks in one form or another. Legislation of this size deserves considerable time and debate.

Tell Harper that you won’t sit back and let him sneak his private agenda through without proper debate. »

Thank you for taking action! 

Emily L.
Care2 Campaign Team


As a Canadian citizen, I have the right to freedom of speech. Therefore through signing this petition I choose to voice my opposition to the massive 425 budget bill which harbours Harper’s hidden agenda to weaken due process and accountability.

Today’s “stone” is Day 146  expect the best from all, no more smoke and mirrors



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