New Report on endangered species

I received this following email from the Wilderness Committee alerting us to the fact that British Columbia does not have endangered species legislation in place.  At a time when there are so many species at risk due to the ever-increasing industrial development of our province I personally believe that endangered species legislation is of the utmost importance.

“Hi Eldy

First, apologies for re-sending this out and thank you to everyone who pointed out that some of the links didn’t work! Here it is corrected:

Did you know BC has no endangered species legislation?

Most people are unaware that although BC has the greatest biodiversity in the country, we are one of only two provinces in Canada – the other being Alberta – that has no stand-alone law to protect endangered wildlife. That needs to change.

Today, more than 1,900 species are at risk of disappearing from our province. From peregrine falcons to monarch butterflies endangered species in BC are left to fend for themselves against climate change, toxic contamination, urban sprawl, logging and industrial development. 
Polls show well over 85 percent of British Columbians want strong legislation that will protect our wildlife.

It’s time for BC to introduce an endangered species law that will protect the habitat of species and be based on sound science.

You can help protect BC’s endangered wildlife by reading and sharing our new report, BC Species at Risk – There Ought to be a Law 

Our educational newsletter shows why protecting endangered species, and their habitat, is important to a healthy and prosperous BC. By reading the paper you can also learn about the threats to BC’s critically endangered spotted owl and the elusive badger and find out how a little girl named Elise mustered her courage to help BC’s species at risk. Find out why BC’s antiquated Wildlife Act only applies to four species at risk and what you can do to change that. When people find out that BC has no endangered species legislation they want to do the right thing and help ensure that endangered species – from grizzly bears to Vancouver Island marmots – are properly protected. That is where you come in.

We need your help distributing our paper across BC. If you can help please email us with your mailing address and let us know how many copies you can distribute in your neighbourhood, at your local coffee shop or at work. You can also sign our online petition.

Thanks for joining the Wilderness Committee in standing up for BC’s endangered species.

Gwen Barlee
Policy Director

P.S. Please join us for an endangered species art show Vancouver on June 1st . Enjoy yummy finger food, juice and wine along with an evening of art, poetry and dance put on by students of Nootka Fine Art Elementary School.”

I have been to the online petition page to add my name to a petition that urges the leaders of all political parties in British Columbia to support a stand-alone endangered species law that will protect the habitat of endangered species, be based on sound science and identify, protect and recover endangered species and ecosystems across BC.  Now to check out the Report that is referred to in the email.

Today’s “stone” is Day 145  endangered species, care, petition signed, hope


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