Write Wild-Save the Peace from Site C Dam

“With innovation and technology, seems we have forgotten to cherish the true beauty the world has to offer.”

-A.C. Van Cherub-

This is my latest alert from the Wilderness Committee.  They are looking for our support in writing a letter off opposition regarding the Site C Dam project that will cause environmental damage to the Peace River Valley.

“Hi Eldy

It’s time to heat up the fight to save the Peace River Valley!

I am asking you to Write Now to the Environmental Assessment office about the proposed Site C Dam.

 As you know the Wilderness Committee has been very active in working to see that the beautiful Peace River Valley is not flooded by the proposed Site C Dam.

 We have produced a report about Site C and campaigner Tria Donaldson and I traveled to the Peace River Valley to meet some of the folks working so hard to prevent their valley from being flooded for a needless and expensive hydro power project.  

The Wilderness Committee also helped to organize a huge gathering at the Victoria Legislature to say No Dam Way to the Site C Dam. 

 Now this short-sighted project has just entered the Environmental Assessment phase. This is the time when we all get to write in and have our say.

 Here’s what our governments have to say (BC and Canada)… 

 The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) have announced that the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Guidelines for the proposed Site C Dam Project on the Peace river are being issued for public comment. The public is also invited to attend Open House Sessions to be held only in the communities near the proposed dam area throughout May 2012.

 There will be a 45-day public comment period on the draft EIS Guidelines for the environmental assessment. The Guidelines provide direction to BC Hydro and identify the information that is required in the EIS. The EIS will provide a detailed analysis of the potential environmental, economic, social, health and heritage effects of the proposed project. All comments received will be considered by both agencies. Once finalized, the EIS Guidelines will be made public and provided to the proponent (BC hydro).

 Written comments will be accepted starting April 17, 2012 and must be received by June 1, 2012. All comments will be considered public and will be posted on the Agency online public registry and on the EAO website. 

 Now it’s your turn to change history. Let’s work together to stop this dam. Please go to our special letter-writing page where your comments about the proposed Site C Dam will go directly to the Environmental Assessment Office.

 Thanks for taking action!

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director  
Wilderness Committee”


On the letter-writing page I found the following information:


Time to speak up now to forever hold the Peace!

The proposed Site C Dam is a massive project that would flood a very productive part of the Peace River valley, an area still feeling the environmental and social consequences of two previous dam projects. Site C, if built would drown 5,000 acres of prime agricultural land, undermining BC’s food security, and would impact two endangered caribou herds. It is opposed by local environmentalists, First Nations and local citizens. The power from Site C would be very expensive and is not needed. This project is currently going through a joint panel environmental review assessment process. 

Environmental Assessment public open-house meetings are currently only being held regionally, in northern communities around the Peace River Valley, but not in the southern half of the province. Opposition to Site C is strong in the north, but we strongly believe that the Environmental Assessment public meetings should be held all over BC including Vancouver and Victoria because the impacts of this massive and expensive project would be felt province wide for a long time if the Site C Dam goes forward and people everywhere need a chance to voice their opposition too. 

The Environmental Review Process does provide everyone in the province an opportunaty to at least write in to tell our provincial and federal governments what we think about their dam plans. That’s why we have provided a letter writing area on this page, with a direct email link to the Environmental Assessment Office.   

Your letter will go to: Linda Jones, Panel Manager, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Please write now to help save the Peace!”

My own letter which I sent through their site and using their prompts follows:

Dear Ms Jones, Panel Manager, Canadian Assessment Agency:

I am opposed to the proposed Site C Dam. The Environmental Review should look at existing industrial damage such as existing transmission lines, oil and gas developments as well as past hydroelectric dam projects on the Peace River. This region has been over-developed and its wildlife and farmland are suffering. The Site C Dam would be too much damage to a region already under strain.

 We do not need the Site C Dam project.

The opportunity to comment at public meetings should be extended to BC’s larger communities, including Kamloops, Kelowna, Nelson, Vancouver and Victoria. The proposed Site C Dam project would affect people’s lives in all corners of the province, not just the Peace River Valley.

The current process is undemocratic. More public open house meetings should be held, including in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna and Nelson so more people can say No Dam Way to Site C.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 135  save the Peace, every voice counts


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