A good day worth sharing

“The simplest things are often the truest.”

-Richard Bach-

I wish I could in actuality pass on the “good” day feeling of today’s efforts.  I was booked up for grooming with a slight overlap at the beginning of the day.  That sort of thing usually bothers me because it can leave me feeling slightly overwhelmed and then even more so as the overlap turns into being late finishing up each and every dog.  Hah!  Not so today, the first appointment came in early and set the tone off perfectly for the entire day.  What a good feeling it is when something with all the potential for negative turns itself around into a positive.  All of the grooming appointments were completed on time.  I did not feel rushed and neither did any of my little buddies.  It was just a pleasant day of prettying up some scruffy looking puppies.  Only one little guy was grumpy but even that was just a minor fang display at the start of his bath.

Am I tired?…yeah.  Am I going to get my run in? …”YES”.  It will simply add to the good part of the day.  For now I am sending out the good vibes to all.  Catch some!

Today’s “stone”  Day 128  hum now, good puppy, aaahhh, what a good day


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