Running Woman

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

-Theodore Roosevelt-

Well it’s official…I have fallen off the running wagon.  I thought maybe I could get at least one day of running in this past week but even Friday slipped past without a run.  Excuses…I could come up with a lot but the truth of it was I just could not bring myself to run.  I had less time due to grooming dogs and way less energy after wrestling with a number of soggy 130 pound dogs.  Spring is “big” dog season…you know the kind…bath them once a year whether they need it or not kind of dogs.  Or, as I view it…the ones that really don’t want a bath and struggle from start to finish.  Monday is another full day of grooming but it is 4 small dogs…yahooo!

In my mind, deep down there, I know that running would have actually energized me with natural endorphins.  But all I really wanted to do was flop down and not move.  I am going to take this lapse and place it into the perspective of a much needed rest period and start back at it next Monday, Wednesday and Friday where I left off.  I think I actually missed the benefits that running offers…those natural endorphins make a lot of difference to the little aches and pains of every day life.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 126  new commitment in place, look forward, not back


6 thoughts

  1. Grooming dogs has got to be aerobic; or at least strength-training. You needn’t fear that you don’t have the commitment. Your commitment to all of your passions is so obvious. Enjoy the rest, and back to the run on Monday. 😎

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