Finding Inner Peace

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

-Roger Caras-

Yesterday I had the honor of being in the presence of true inner peace.  Cody, a very old dog described as part wolf, was brought in for a nail trim and brush out.  This beautiful aged dog had been abandoned on the property beside these folks.  A couple of years ago their neighbours just up and moved away and left the old boy behind.  I cannot even begin to fathom their thought processes at doing such a thing.  This is the wilderness up here and even more so further up into the mountains an hour and a half past where we live.  Neighbours are not side by side like in the city; there are acres in between.  As it turns out, the wonderful people who brought Cody into my shop for some TLC took him in to care for along with their own two pets.

Cody is truly an ancient old boy, they figured perhaps 12 or 14…weak on his legs but still good-natured and the epitome of what I see as inner peace.  Each and every step is measured and slow, likely painful, but there is no confusion in his eyes.  I spent about an hour combing out his heavy undercoat and with each stroke through his dry and dusty coat I felt his peaceful resignation and his gratitude for simple kindnesses.  Cody is living in the moment naturally, as do all dogs.  Having reached this elderly state, he has earned the care and kindness of others; he was a joy to have in my shop.  I did the same for him last spring and as then I am unsure whether I get to enjoy his company again.  How very mellow and warm I felt as I carried him down the stairs and lifted him into the waiting van for the trip home.  Thank you, Cody.  I am forever grateful for finding inner peace  right here in my little shop.

Today’s “stone” is Day  124   hum now, good puppy, inner peace, shared


8 thoughts

  1. I think you honor Cody really well here, and yourself too is I may say. The way you wrote this is something I’d expect to see in an Audobon Society magazine. Really well done. These are magnicent animals but I;ll never understand breeding them with a domestic dog. They should not be made into pets.

    And shame on the people who left him, just shame on them!

    • Yes, wolf hybrids are not wise for many reasons. Many shops will not accept them for grooming due to behavioral unpredictabilty. Cody was very at ease the whole while. He is only the second one I met.

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