Up to Our Ears in It

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”

 -e.e. cummings-

We got our topsoil for the garden.  We rented a big trailer with a hydraulic lift for dumping and set out eagerly to pick up our first load from the supplier.  The weather notwithstanding, we were in top spirits; we were both so excited to get on with the gardening project.  The forecast, typically for this area, has been changing every other day.  It was supposed to be sunny, then just cloudy, and finally what we had to look forward to was rain.  Undaunted, with a tarp at the ready we stuck with our scheduled pick up.  We could have opted for delivery but that would have cost at least $200 more than the rental and gas because of our remoteness.  It was a steady downpour most of the way to the garden center.  Long story short we got the topsoil home in just two trips and then it sat covered with a tarp for two days of rain.

But look at it now…the garden beds are full and the fence is up.  Now to plant some early stuff like spinach, lettuce and radishes; then we must wait until after the May long weekend for the frost danger to be over.  Then plant, plant, and plant some more!!!

We already have plans drawn up for building a compost pile enclosure to keep the dogs out of that wonderful stuff.  Then I will start that off by putting kitchen scraps that are not good for my worm farm, raked grass and leaves from the yard and weeds from garden in it.  I’ll wet it down with the hose and turn it over every other week to keep it cooking in the sun.  By the fall it will be ready to nourish the soil in the garden beds.  Et voila…a sustainable garden.

Today’s “stone”  Day 122  mud, muddy, muddier, muddiest, happy, happier, happiest


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