Gifting Day in the Shop

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

On Saturday I had another opportunity to celebrate life by gifting.  One of my regular clients called to book an appointment to have her dogs groomed.  I had not heard from her for quite some time and was dismayed to hear that she had been away caring for her dying mother.  I could tell that she really needed to be heard as she told me of the final weeks that she spent with her mom in the hospital.  It had been a stressful and yet very important time for them to be together at the end of her mother’s life.

To add to her stress she came home to a very sick dog with a herniated disc which left the dog unable to move its hind quarters at all.  The vet recommended Prednisone as a possible cure; luckily it did work.  Little Maddy is able to walk and play without pain now.  In the meantime, however,  Maddy had matting and messing clinging to her bum…lots of stress cleaning her up daily, with pain, and rash.  When she arrived with her two dogs for grooming, she brought along her mother’s dog that she had taken in since.  She did not want to leave Muffin home alone and I always encourage folks to bring in housemates for company sake.

Once I had finished bathing and grooming her two dogs, I popped Muffin into the tub, bathed and dried her, and trimmed her nails too.  I felt this was a gift that Janice truly needed.  She is on a limited income and she was feeling very worn out by the past few months of difficulty.  She was thrilled to have Muffin fresh and clean as well.  She gave me a big hug; it is not so much a gift of a groom as it is a gift of compassion.

I enjoyed my gifting day in the shop; it was a warm fuzzy for all concerned.

Today’s “stone”  is  Day 121  compassion, gift, warm fuzzy


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