Green Cleaning Recipes

I, for one, dislike house cleaning period, but using today’s highly marketed and highly toxic cleaners just adds to the dislike.  The Queen of Green through the David Suzuki Foundation has some recipes for green cleaning product to make at home.  Here is the email notice:

“Ever wonder if these safer, greener cleaning alternatives actually  work?  Why don’t you try for yourself?
This week, download our green cleaning recipes to make healthy and cost-effective cleaning products with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
Or, if you want ready-made cleaning convenience, try this coupon from Ethical Ocean.
And don’t forget – when you  shop the cleaners aisle, make sure you’re armed with our handy shopper’s guide to cleaners and make sure to check the label of those bottles for ingredients!”

Today’s “stone”  Day 119  happy, healthy, green, cleaning


6 thoughts

  1. Have ou been peeking in my house? LOL.. I hate to clean too, problem is I don’t like filth. I also have an issue of a husband who is extremeley chemical sensitive, causing severe asthma like reactions. Yet he does not have asthma. This is an amazing web site Eldy, I am most grateful

    Now I suppose this means I should do something with these cleaning products?

    Thanks for sharing friend

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