“Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

-Albert Einstein-

When I find myself thinking too much about myself, it usually means I need something to do.  I needed that little something to do this weekend to shake off the “poor me” syndrome that tried to settle around my shoulders in the wake of my little Rexy’s death.  All of the usual, placations that he led a good life with us, and he was quite old, for a dog, had already been taken into account.  It was now time to me to shake it off for at least the time being and work on a project to ease my tender feelings.

There really is nothing like getting outdoors on a sunny day and doing some good old back wrenching hard labor.  The temperature was up to +10C which is perfect for digging in the garden.  Mikey put a turkey in the oven and we went out and dug for hours.  The garden is shaping up nicely.  Mike took out the old fencing and will replace it with real posts and 4 foot wire to keep the dogs out.  Right now we have four extra dogs boarding with us, plus our own two poodles, so with the fence down, we spent a good deal of time pointing and asserting “get off the garden”.   I have managed to get about 2/3 of it level; it was at quite a slant in its original form.  We measured and put stakes in for where the raised beds will be placed.  Actually, as it turns out we gained an extra bed in the process. I’m not sure how except that I suppose it pays to use a tape measure rather than just pacing off an approximate measurement.

I felt a little wistful every time a car drove into the neighbour’s driveway; they had family coming for Easter…19 in all…what a houseful!  They had eight children so with all the grands and great-grands the number is not hard to reach.  Some of our children and grands should make it out to visit in July or so.  Anyway I felt exhausted physically from the garden efforts but also in much higher spirits too.

I like to look for a way to brighten a day that seems on a downturn.  Getting out and doing something physical helps to keep the balance of life just right…just when it’s needed.  The trick is to recognize the necessity and to act on it.

Today’s “stone”  Day 100  sunshine, blue sky, wet noses, muddy paws, ain’t life grand


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