Harper versus Environmentalists

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.”
-Leo Aikman-

The Prime Minister of Canada seems to think that all people who do not agree with his method of promoting the economy are spawns of the devil or involved in some covert terrorist plot. How bizarre and incredibly misguided that is.

Those of us who believe that caring for the environment is imperative to the survival of humanity are neither terrorists nor incarnations of the anti-Christ.  Using the terrorist card as a defense against environmental groups is ludicrous.  Just as is twisting the meaning of the Bible to suit the unbridled destruction of natural resources.  There is absolutely no way that environmentalists are acting to do anything other than promote all life on earth…get that…all life.

And to suggest, as has been done overtly by politicians in the USA, that it is the God-given right of humans to use the earth any way possible to promote the economy is nonsense.  The”economy” is a human invention.  I don’t get the connection between the economy and God.  However, life on earth, all life on earth is sacred.  I have not heard of Harper in particular, making any of these foolish religious claims.  However, I was shocked to discover that he is closely affiliated with a religion that espouses just that.

For crying out loud…every effort has been made to scour religious references from educational institutes and shop employees cannot murmur Merry Christmas in public places for fear of insulting those of other religions.  Therefore, there is absolutely no place for so much as the possibility of religion-based rhetoric in the political arena in a country, such as Canada, that prides itself on its multicultural mosaic.

There is something desperately wrong with the way our government has taken to slanderous name calling, back room decisions and underhanded rearranging of laws and regulations as a means of promoting their particular agenda.  To disagree with Harper, with any Canadian governmental or legislative member is not anti-Canadian.  It is our right to freedom of speech, as Canadians, to express ourselves and make our opposition known.  Just as it is our right to democratically elect a different political party come the next election.

I have in the past always based my vote on the merit not only of the political party, but also on individual merit of the person regardless of party.  All aspects of past performance, demeanor and political platform have made up the basis of my voting decisions.  Last evening on television I noticed that the Conservative party has already begun a hate ad campaign in anticipation of the next election.  Disgusting behaviour…I really don’t know how they can get away with such a slanderous campaign.  It really does say more about the ignominious ethical caliber of Harper’s government than whoever the poor fellow that the ad was maligning.

Today’s “stone” is Day 96  reap what you sow, true stewardship of the earth does not destroy


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