Running Woman

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.”

-John Wooden-

Hey, Hey, it’s week two of my interval training and I have not quit!!  I am very happy to still be at it.  All three days of last week’s workout were the same.  This week the time has increased on the interval segments although the overall time of the workout is about the same.  I have chosen Monday, Wednesday and Friday as “running” days simply because it is easier to remember.

Week two:

  • 2 minutes of warm up walking
  • 45 seconds of running followed by 1 minute of walking repeated 6 times.
  • 2 minutes of cool down walking.

I noticed yesterday as we walked across the lake for ice fishing that my calves felt “used” but there is not any stiffness or pain.  I have been very low-level active through the winter.  My daily treks through the woods and about the property are quite casual so this program of interval training is a  reminder that I am not using my muscles much.  The 6th repetition of this week’s interval set was not that easy…I could feel the burn in my calves.  Forty five seconds seemed like a surprisingly long time.  And, there is still Friday to go…

How very quickly we get out of shape and how very long it takes to build up our fitness level.  When I worked on the horse breeding farm I managed to get myself into top physical condition.  A day consisted of 8-10 hours of constant walking and weight bearing work with 1/2 hour lunch and two 15 minutes break if the work was all done.  There were horses to turn out, stalls to clean, feed tubs to scrub, water tubs to clean and fill, and hoses to drag about.  At peak times there were some 40 horses on the farm, all  high-spirited Thoroughbreds.  In summer, there were fewer horses but there was grass to be mowed, weeds to whack and year round because of the mild climate there were drainage ditches to maintain.  All of this work was a heaven made “workout program” that I enjoyed and got paid to do.  Even after I changed jobs to work as a professional dog groomer I worked on my 2 days off at a local hobby farm cleaning horse stalls.  It was a hard-won physical fitness…the first few weeks were awful with stiff and sore muscles but I hung in there and once I hit my stride it was the best experience of my life.  I have lost most of that degree of fitness that I enjoyed and I’m looking to get at least some of it back.  Not every one can take on a running program. But, everyone can take a running program like this and modify it to better suit their needs and capabilities.  I chose to cut it in half from the original.  A person could consider though, perhaps making it an interval training of your own casual pace of walking, with brisk walking in the running segments instead.  Hmmmm??  What do you think?? Doable??  If a person has health issues, of course, a doctor should be consulted before trying.  My own doctor just said that I need more exercise…nothing specific.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 95  determination, resolve, willpower, tenacity I claim you


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