Well-Being,Exercise, Balance

“Good for the body is the work of the body, and good for the soul is the work of the soul, and good for either is the work of the other.”

-Henry David Thoreau-

Balance…that is what life is all about.  To feel healthy our bodies require not only clean air, healthy food intake and clean water but also adequate exercise to keep the working of all systems fit and toned.  Our minds are also a part of this working system of organs, muscles and tissues that require nutrients and physical activity.  A healthy mindset adds its own element to the balance of who we are.  How we keep the balance depends one upon the other.  The trick of course is overcoming inertia to get things in motion.  We all have fallen into the trap of over enthusiastic beginnings when it comes to exercise.  You know the drill.  The first day out feels great, so you don’t want to stop cycling, walking, running or weight training…whatever your choice of exercise is.  Then it hits you on day 2 when the muscles are sore, fatigued and overused.  The enthusiasm flags and the newly planned exercise regimen bites the dust. What is the solution?  Well to start with I guess…don’t overdo it.  Think about what the plan is…cut it in half and remember to stop at that point exactly on day 1 regardless of how great it feels.  That it an untested idea at this point, but, it is my “new and improved plan” of attack.  Oh and another key to success…when you plan to start “tomorrow”…actually start it then.  I was reading another favorite blog, Rural Route Runner and picked up a running training schedule that intrigued me.  I have not lost my mind; I know I am 61 but I’m pretty sure I can cut this program in half every day and manage it.  I’m sure I can manage to improve my health overall by following through.  I’ll have to start out using our treadmill because of all the icy patches still outside….at least that way my fits and starts may not look too goofy to the neighbours.  They might think I’m fleeing a cougar or bear or something.  And just for the record “running” in my mind will take on more the characteristics of a gentle lope, perhaps even a quickened shuffle of sorts.  At no point will track shorts, sweat bands or marathons enter the picture.

Today’s “stone” is Day  87  walk-run-walk, well-being, balance, body, mind


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