Democracy requires listening to ALL Canadians

“Do not confuse your vested interests with ethics. Do not identify the enemies of your privilege with the enemies of humanity.”

 -Max Lerner-

Here is a letter that I sent through the David Suzuki Foundation website.  They are looking for the support of all Canadians who care about the environment to let the Government and Senate know that the David Suzuki Foundation’s work and the work of other environmental organizations on behalf of the environment are not “radical”, “anti-Canadian” or “potential terrorists” as the current government and Senators have suggested to the media.

The David Suzuki Foundation information post states that:

The government has already labelled Canadians who question the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal as “radicals” and potential terrorists, but its appointed senators recently kicked things up a notch. Senator Don Plett, former president of the federal Conservative Party, asked his fellow senators during the inquiry, “If environmentalists are willing to accept money from Martians, where would they draw the line on where they receive money from? Would they take money from Al Qaeda, the Hamas or the Taliban?” Senator Percy Mockler referred to the David Suzuki Foundation and others as “qualified bad, not to mention ugly, foundations.”

I agree fully with the David Suzuki Foundation’s statement that “Trying to stifle those who don’t agree with the government’s positions is undemocratic and goes against the values and traditions that Canadians of all political stripes have worked for many years to establish.”

The entire article regarding this particular issue can be viewed at this David Suzuki Foundation site page.  I sent the following letter verbatim from that page as it truly reflects my feelings:

Dear Senator Eaton, Members of the Senate, and Members of Parliament,

As a Canadian who cares deeply about the future of our country, I am extremely disappointed by the recent attempts of some senators to silence and demonize those who don’t share their positions.

Some senators have labelled those who raise concerns about environmental degradation as “anti-Canadian” and have questioned the integrity of legitimate Canadian organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation.

I am proud to support Canada’s environmental organizations, which have a long history of protecting biodiversity, promoting public understanding of environmental issues, and providing science-based information to help Canada steward the natural environment on which we all depend for our health and future prosperity.

The Senate is supposed to be a house of sober second thought. As such, we expect more from our senators than uninformed and immature rhetoric that does nothing to further debate about matters of vital national importance.

Like many Canadians, I believe that the issue of relatively small amounts of international funding is a distraction and effort to silence and discredit Canadian organizations that are looking out for the interests of Canada and Canadians.

A democracy functions best when all points of view are considered rationally and carefully, and when our leaders, both elected and appointed, examine the facts before speaking.

As a Canadian who looks to the House of Commons and the Senate for leadership, I ask you to get back to the business of thoughtful debate rather than trying to stifle the voices of millions of Canadians with whom you may not agree.


This letter was sent to:

  • Senator Nicole Eaton <>


  • Sen. James Cowan – Leader of the Opposition in the Senate <>,
  • Sen. Grant Mitchell – Senate Liberal Environment Critic <>,
  • Sen. Marjory LeBreton – Leader of the Government in the Senate <>
  • The Honourable Cathy McLeod will also be sent this email.

Today’s “stone” is Day 81  mudslinging, name calling, where is the ethical discernment


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  1. good luck eldy, we have all the same issues here, but times are changing, it wont be too long before the pro-life values we care for are being asserted more widely 🙂

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