Keep Jumbo Wild

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”
-William Wordsworth-

Our great glacial wilderness in the Columbia Mountains is sensitive and vital region essential to the healthy survival of the grizzly bear population.  I believe that the imminent disruption and degradation of the environment that would result from the Jumbo Glacier Resort project will result in irrepairable damage.  The following is a letter I sent through the Keep Jumbo Wild websight which I came to through Wildsight to voice my  oppositon to the proposed project:


Dear Premier Clark, Minister Thomson, Minister Bell, Assistant Deputy Minister Walters and MLA Norm MacDonald:

I strongly oppose the Jumbo Glacier Resort project because it will be detrimental to the overall grizzly bear population in the Columbia Mountains. I do not believe that the value of more remote, difficult-to-access resort real estate is greater than the value of our Kootenay wilderness and its intact wildlife populations.

I believe that the Jumbo resort proposal is unsustainable and will damage the glaciers, watershed and wildlife of the Jumbo Valley and beyond.

After nearly 20 years, it’s time to make a final decision about this project, and that decision has to be ‘no’.

Please advise me that you have received and noted my comments.

Thank you.

Yours truly,


I’ve had a lot to oppose of late but I truly believe in each and every letter of oppostion.

Today’s “stone”  is  Day  76  I say no, and I say it again, as long as my heart beats, my only yes will be pro-nature


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