Recycling in British Columbia

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

I have held the powers that be to account over the months on many different environmental and economic issues.  For a more positive change of pace, today I would like to give the province of British Columbia kudos for how far it has come with regards to recycling.  In retrospect, we have indeed come a long way baby!  We do not have a perfect world but we do have this:

In British Columbia there is an “Industry Product Stewardship” strategy to promote accountability over the entire life cycle of a number of products right from the selection of materials and design to its end of life. It is a “cradle to grave” system whereby the industry must take back used products and manage them through reuse, recycling or energy production.  This strategy includes electronics, tires, beverage containers, used oil, oil filters, oil containers, paint, pharmaceuticals, flammable liquids, solvents pesticides, gasoline and now mercury-containing light bulbs and thermostats  More information on this as well as additional products as they are added can be found at Ministry of Environment-Product Stewardship.

For Used Oil, Filters and Containers recycling facilities in your area go to Used Oil Management Association

For paint and certain flammable liquids, pesticides and gasoline recycling go to Product Care Association

For flourescent Lights, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors and small appliances recycling go to Product Care Association

For Electronic and electrical products recycling go to Encorp

For pharmaceuticals recycling go to the Medications Return Program

For beverage containers recycling go to Encorp

For tires recycling go to Tire Stewardship

For lead-acid batteries go to Lead-Acid Battery Collection Program

For cellphones and rechargeable batteries recycling go to Call 2 Recycle Program

For refrigerators recycling go to BC Hydro

For plastic bags recycling go to Canadian Plastics Industry Association

In fact for all types of information for all areas of British Columbia regarding recycling go to the Recycling Council of British Columbia

Today’s “stone” is Day 74  recycle, recycle, recycle


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