New Year’s Resolution Check-up

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”

 -Alexander Woollcott-

One of the big reasons that resolutions fall flat is perhaps that once made they are quickly forgotten especially if they require forming new habits in place of long-held old habits.  I think I’ll take a look at how I am faring at keeping my resolutions while it is still early in the year.

My choices from the Mindful Environmental New Year’s List were:

  1. Educate yourself on environmental issues.  I can safely say a big yes to that one:  If I don’t receive some sort of newsletter during the week keeping me up to date I go looking for something new or news-worthy regarding the environment.
  2. Walk or ride your bicycle to places that are within two miles.    Whoop that will have to wait for a season change.
  3. Do not purchase paper napkins, towels, and plates.  I have cut down my usage of paper towels to only those used to mop up pee      accidents by my little friends in the grooming shop.  In the house I have switched to single use dish cloths for wiping the counter tops and table and spills…by single use I mean that I toss them into the laundry hamper once used.  That way I feel that there is no food yuck contamination getting pushed around…I have 24 of them on hand.
  4. Use reusable cloth bags as gift bags at Christmas and all year.       Not done yet.
  5. Grow your own produce in your own garden, on a deck or balcony.  I have a great new garden improvement plan to implement in the spring that should improve our yield.
  6. Refuse to use pesticides or herbicides and encourage your neighbour to also.  I am so on this one for spring…none shall pass my gate.
  7. Compost kitchen waste either using garden composting or vermin-composting.  My Worm Farm is working very well now and      handles the majority of our kitchen scraps.  In the spring I will turn my outdoor compost pile which is all weed pickings. That way once a week or so I can put out the other kitchen scraps that are not good for the worm farm and pile the heap on top and hope it does not draw critters.
  8. Use the library, instead of buying books, as much as possible.    I love my library time and borrowing books but I have actually bought 2 books over the winter.
  9. Always use cloth or other reusable bags for shopping etc.  We have cloth bags for shopping in both vehicles and if for some reason we      forget…we simple buy more to teach ourselves a lesson.
  10. Meditate once a week on how you can reduce your consumption, and act on this.  I am on this!
  11. Be more aware of consumer habits and choices.  We are looking carefully for Canadian produce and for stores that carry such.  We have a plan to do our larger grocery shopping at a Canadian Wholesale Club store for this reason. As produce comes into season around here we’ll dehydrate and can fruit and vegetables more this year.
  12. Carry positive, loving and caring thoughts with you every day this year.  I’m working on this daily and it feels good to the point where if I get down it feels like an elephant in the room to me.  Shakes me right out of it.
  13. Open your mind to secular ethics as a way to world peace.    Yes…yes…yes.  Today’s society is not necessarily raised to care as is evidenced by the crime and apathy out there.  Secular ethics need to be taught and learned regardless of family, religion and cultural      mores.
  14. Read the book Beyond Religion by the Dalai Lama this year.       Still digesting this book.
  15. Read the book Living Green:  The Missing Manual by… this year.        Not yet.
  16. Celebrate nature in some way every day of this year.  I make an effort to get out doors for a quiet walk about the property every day.      Sometimes I photograph, sometimes I just breathe it in with all of my senses.  I consciously acknowledge my good fortune to be living just exactly where I am.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 69   reaffirmation, resolving to resolve


One thought

  1. How wonderful! I try to do my bit too. If possible I buy my books from the charity shops ad return them when read. We have really good recycling in my town and I’ve recently gone back to soap to save the plastics in shower gels etc.

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