There is more to it than just Climate Change

“Local innovation and initiative can help us better understand how to protect our environment.”
-Gale Norton-

Thank goodness, agricultural use of land is also under scrutiny by forward thinking scientists. Scientists are aware of the impact of ongoing loss of forests and biodiversity coupled with the depletion of global water supplies.  This situation is of comparable importance to Climate Change due to our over dependence on fossil fuels.  We are facing a global crisis in land use and agriculture which will have serious impact on our survival.  This needs to be addressed sooner rather than too late.

A highly efficient, productive, and sustainable agricultural system is essential to supply us with food, feed, and fiber.  Not only that, there is a new pressing need for biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels which have proven to be so damaging to the atmosphere.  There is as yet no clearly defined method in place to achieve the enormous and ever-growing agricultural demands placed on land use and water supplies.  However, it is encouraging to know that there are scientists working at developing awareness to the pending crisis.

Exponential population growth will demand double to triple the world agricultural production.  Extraction of groundwater from the depths is not viable in terms of sustainability.  In fact there are many regions of the world which show alarming decline in water tables.  This in combination with climate change will be devastating especially in arid zones.  This situation must be considered right along with the current environmental issues.  The time for seeking solutions is now before it is too late.

Industrial fertilizers and other chemicals currently in use in agriculture have unbalanced the entire planet.  The increase of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in the environment have resulted in widespread water pollution in lakes and rivers as well as coastal ocean fishing grounds.  There must be improvements made to the way agriculture is conducted, improvements that will decrease water pollution and environmental destruction from agricultural chemical runoff.

Crucial to the survival of mankind is our ability to sustain and increase agricultural production in a manner that reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals.  Deforestation must be slowed or eliminated and man’s propensity to overdependence on meat which is an inefficient means of producing proteins needs to be addressed as well.

Agricultural practices must now be given the attention of emissions reductions policies.  It is time that current agricultural practices are recognized as a problem desperately requiring a solution.

All facets of agriculture, large and small, commercial and organic, even home gardeners should take the initiative to improve the way their land is used.  Governments should get on board with funding and promoting healthful, non-destructive agricultural practices with laws and policies aimed at protecting our environment and ability to survive.  There should be a funded agricultural development scientific research facility geared toward future demands and safe production.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 65  burgeoning population, food source, safe production, global survival, solutions


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